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Title - Hair extensions vs weave review

Review – Whenever the topic of Hair extensions & weave is on the plate then comparison is one important thing that needs to be considered. Hair extensions & Weave have been in our society for a long time. In the ancient times, it was the two famous dynasties that were involved in these things. They use to manufacture these products and used to market them in their communities and clans. These dynasties were the Egyptians and the Roman empires. Since then things has developed and industries emerged. The commencement of cutting edge technology has paved the ways of these industries as they evolved in a state that they are now contributing towards the world economy. Both of these products have their own advantages and at the same time have their own disadvantages. Hair extensions are those spare hairs that are attached to the normal hair of the user while the weaver is those hairs that are glued to the hairs. There are two types of Hair extensions and weaves. One is the natural human hair and the other one is the artificial synthetic hairs. The features of these two types of hairs can give an idea of the benefits. Following are the features.

Features of Hair extensions

  • Good Hair extensions are durable and they can last upto 18 months

  • These hairs are soft and smooth

  • There are no shreds up

  • There are varieties of texture and colours available

  • These hairs are tangle free

  • The cost is worth buying

  • Hair extensions are used by clipping or by adhesive

Features of Hair weave

  • Weaves are good for the users with thick hairs.

  • It adds volume to the hair

  • There are varieties of texture and colours

  • These hairs are smooth and soft

  • The cost is worth buying

  • Styles are of body, straight, curly, deep wave

  • The cost is worth buying

  • There are different types of weaves partial weaves, full weaves etc.

So basically it is very difficult to spot the better one, and it depends upon the uses. Some people prefer one while there the other one. The advice of a specialist can be helpful as they can recommend the best product according the user’s hair. This industry has evolved a lot in the recent years and people are buying these products all over the world. This industry has been invading the world market since its commencement and the demand have been increasing every day.


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